Made to order Timeless diamond jewellery

Everything starts with an idea and a sketch.

When composing a piece of jewelry through sketch, a seemingly endless array of factors and possibilities will arise.

Remembering still, that typically these are highly personalized adornments. So working within the appropriateness of the relevant style and the clients considerations, demand that each object not only be held up to necessary practicalities of the physical and monitory realities, but so to someone's expectations and feelings together with their realms of dreams and wishes.

As I move the pencil point, these factors play out in my mind. Ultimately all graphite lines and shapes dominate the paper but the completed work comes alive for me as I sketch-out ideas.

"Make" for brilliance
beyond 4cs

The 'Make' of a diamond is everything. ‘Make’ is the term used to describe the overall appearance of a diamond, based on a combined observation of its shape, cut, proportion, polish, symmetry and light reflecting properties. A matter of taste and experience, the finest 'Make' will be more desirable even when compared to diamonds of higher colour and clarity.

Most people solely focus on the 4Cs, simply because it is the basic knowledge consumers gather and understand about diamonds, based on their research. While several diamonds will have identical 4Cs, when viewed side-by-side, they would be incomparable in terms of beauty, aslo known as the 'Make'. One diamond will always be more desirable than the other, and that's the stone we look for while designing your custom made jewellery. Diamond cutting is and has always been done by hand and thus remains a true art form. Identifying the best 'Make' is a matter of taste, photographic memory and experience; not analytically by its colour, clarity and measurements.

About us

We at Our Diamond, take pride in introducing ourselves as the name behind some of the finest and exclusively hand crafted diamond jewellery. We are in the diamond trade business since our last generation, with dominant presence in India and Europe. Given our strong legacy, it was a natural progression for us to extend into retail, having successfully launched our brand in 2009. And ever since, we constantly endeavor to set high standards in fine jewellery.

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